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Bell Pasture Seeds is a 4th generation family business located in the South West of Western Australia.

Dating back to the 40’s, the Bell Family was one of many sub-clover growers in the region. Fast forward 80 years and ryegrass and clover has been added to their portfolio. The growing expertise that both Rob and Terry have regarding each and every variety that they sell can’t be bought. By growing their own seed they are ensuring that they know their products inside out, knowing how they will perform in a diverse range of soil conditions and climates.

In addition to growing,  stocking and selling seeds, Bell Pasture Seeds is the biggest seed cleaning operation in the South West. Not only can they clean the raw product, but they can also blend your own customised seed mixes and treat your seed in accordance with your specific requirements, all whilst maintaining their Farmer First attitude.

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#ThankAFarmer: Innovation leading change

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