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Clean, Grade and Package Your Seed

With over 45 years’ experience in cleaning and grading seed, we pride ourselves on delivering an end product with the highest possible purity. If you are wanting to get true quality and optimisation out of your crop, allowing us to clean and grade your seed will ensure you are re-planting only the very best back into the ground.

The aim of seed grading is to maintain the seeds quality from one season to the next by removing all its destructive elements such as other crop seeds, weeds, straw, soil, dust and other inert matter, immature, dried, shrivelled, damaged, cracked, undersized or oversized seed.

Seed grading will actively encourage consistency and uniformity allowing more even distribution through the drill, including ensuring optimum plant density in spacing. The larger the seed, the stronger and more vigorous the seedlings are likely to be.

Our modern facilities allow us to clean, grade, and package high volumes of seed. Our gravity tables allow us to handle a large variety of crops including cereals, ryegrass and clovers. Your seed can be packaged into 25kg bags, bulk bags or overhead loaded.

Alternatively, we can utilise your seed and mix into a custom blend for you, specific to your requirements. By ensuring your costs don’t outweigh the benefits of your investment, you are then able to get the best out of your next season’s crop.

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