They say life is about grabbing hold of your opportunities when they come around and for Bunbury Junior Sedan driver, Jake Fisher, he has done that in spades after the National Junior Sedan Title at Grafton NSW this weekend.

He was confident after practice on Thursday night that he would be going for it, after he felt good about the Grafton Speedway circuit. And with a strong 71 car field in attendance, he also knew that the challenge ahead of him would be one of the toughest.

When Friday night rolled around, the measured approach was taken and his first heat race sounded out an ominous warning to his competitors that he was here to compete with a stunning effort. He drove so well, it had the interstate drivers asking where this kid was from as he made five places in the race, and winning his heat from a 6th place start.

Valuable points were on his mind when he went out for his second heat, starting from 2nd place he held his own against some tough racers and finished where he started. A dream start seeing him equal first on points.

National title races are never easy and in the third heat of the night, when the cars were going three wide, Fisher was on the outside of the passing incident and was pushed towards the wall with him crashing into the barrier, seeing him on the tow truck and out of the heat.

It was a credible effort after night one as he was 11th on points, seeing him in an A Main starting position heading into night two, with only one heat to race. Starting out of 5th, he finished there but his rivals behind him on points had stronger finishes which having the DNF in his third heat would see him starting 1st in the B1 feature.

A race which he would go on to win with confidence and land himself in the A Main from 17th place. Perhaps what was so familiar with this was that his recent WA Title effort was exactly the same. This time would be a lot harder though and on the green, Fisher was pushing the car as hard as he could, making places count.

Passing opportunities were limited but he took advantage of those opportunities moving up to 12th place in the A Main and finishing there. An outstanding effort, considering his short time in the sport and massive field in attendance.

With his goal of making his one and only national title A Mian appearance due to his age, Jake Fisher would and should be proud of his achievements in the Junior Speedway ranks in such a short time. His measured approach attitude at all of his events he races at has served him well and while the season isn’t finished yet (with a state title at Newman Speedway still left to do), he is appreciative at the opportunities he has been given by hard working parents Jay and Jodie.

Fisher was impressed by his efforts and believed the title experience had served him well;

“I’m really happy with my result,” he said. “It was frustrating because I knew I had a fast car, but everyone was just as quick. It’ll definitely help my racing experience for the future.”

In typical Jake Fisher style, he was happy for his fellow WA drivers that had made the journey to compete as well.

“WA has faired well over here and I’m happy they have done us proud,” he stated. “While it was tough here, all the WA drivers should be happy with their efforts.”

One thing Fisher will take with him, is the memories…something that he won’t forget for a very long time. And the most important thing, the sheer enjoyment of his national title experience.

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