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Why You Should Treat Your Seed

The best insurance policy for your seed crop is to treat your seed before it goes in the ground. Bell Pasture Seeds now has a fully operating treatment plant that will coat your seed with a specific product, in the attempt to give your crop the best chance it has of reaching its full optimization growth and yield results.

The purpose of treating/coating your investment prior to sowing, protects the seed during its most vulnerable stages and during weather risks. It guards against early season disease and insects, maximizing crop yield therefore providing your best insurance policy. A diseased crop can ruin the yield for the year, meaning a loss of investment. However, a diseased crop can also damage the soil and cause even more damage down the track. Treating is a preventative measure to give your investment the best chance of obtaining its best results. Further advantages are seed germination optimization and plant emergence and regrowth giving you a higher ROI.


GAUCHO: controls thrips, aphids and soil pests in maize, corn and sunflowers, with registered use on canola and pasture. This widely used product can be applied across a diverse range of crops, offering reliable insect control. Bell Pasture Seeds uses this product specifically on our clover and ryegrass seeds when requested.

EVERGOL ENERGY: this new fungicidal seed treatment provides control or suppression of the major seed and soil borne diseases. By adding this seed treatment to your cereals, it offers Pythium and Crown Rot suppression, control of loose smut and class leading Rhizoctonia suppression. This powerful disease control promotes increased crop vigour, resulting in optimal yields for your cereal crops.

GROUP C INNOCULANT: by treating your clover seeds with group C innoculant, it enhances your seeds ability for optimum nitrogen fixation. By promoting the increase of nitrogen production into the soil, not only will it both increase the growth and yield of the plant itself, but it will leave enough residual nitrogen in the soil to benefit the following years crops. Bell Pasture Seeds uses this product on our clover seeds when requested.

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