One last time…

That’s the feeling heading into this week’s Winter Nationals meeting at Bunbury Speedway for Bunbury junior speedway ace, Jake Fisher.

In fact, there are several reasons why the exploding talent has decided to roll the speedway dice once more in 23/24. Firstly, he has won this event the last two times it has been run, so a title defense, he feels, is warranted.

Secondly, just to keep his eye in the circle, for his own piece of mind. And most importantly, the chance to end his junior speedway career on a high note by giving it one last crack.

A strong field of 12 cars is lining up for a race meeting not usually penciled in for this time of year. Fisher has some healthy rivalry with a few of them including Jake Lehman, so he knows it will be on from the first heat race.

After the event is completed, he will look back on his short junior speedway stint of three seasons, with a sense of pride and achievement, before turning his eyes to the tarmac.

A new race-ready Hyundai Excel sits in waiting, prepared professionally and set to go for his first event, which will be a 40-lap enduro at Carco Raceway in mid-July. This is a challenge he is looking forward to after achieving his road racing license recently.

Teaming up with good mate, Harrison Beres, he will look to gain experience on the track with an eye for the annual Excel Cup in his sights. While he is confident of the change of surface to continue his racing career, he understands that the learning curve drops and starts again to get him to a higher level in motorsport.

A fiercely competitive division, the Hyundai Excel class is well-populated across the country and this will give him an exclusive look into making his way to a higher level in the years ahead.

After such a successful start to his motorsport journey, Jake Fisher, while under no illusions about how tough it can be, looks forward to what is to come with his eyes wide open and hopes he can achieve similar feats, with a bright future ahead.

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