Some of the toughest race lessons are learned both on and off the track. For young ace, Jake Fisher, it was another valuable lesson on Saturday night’s JSRA round held at Bunbury Speedway.

With another strong field in attendance for the growing series, Fisher was keen to impress and coming from last in the field to finish in third was a great start to his night.

A win in his second heat gave him all the points he needed to just finish his third heat where he started from for a top four start in the feature event. However, he pushed the car up from fourth into second, which would see him off the front row.

Racing against the series best is all too common place for Fisher and on the green light, he was out after the leader. Surrendering a spot early, he held his own in third place until a restart saw him on the chase. Surrendering another place to Jesse Hamon, he chased him down and locked third place down but them the car began to steer left.

He eased off the pedal to bring the car to a stop on the infield. After post race assessments were done, a broken front left shock absorber was the culprit. Although he didn’t finish the feature he was upbeat, knowing he could match it with the best in the class and was looking forward to his big trip to the east for the upcoming national title in NSW next month.

Asked about the night, he was confident that he was ready to be on the national stage;

“Yeah, I’m looking forward to getting over to Grafton,” he said. “We’ll get the new car loaded up and on the truck. I can’t wait for it.

Fisher will head to Collie Speedway for the annual Christmas Cup this weekend for more seat time before a few practice sessions in the title car at Perth Motorplex.

As he opens his world to more experience, his confidence is growing as well as he prepares himself for his toughest test to come.

Heat 1: Started in 7th, finished 3rd
Heat 2: Stared in 1st, race win
Heat 3: Started in 4th, finished 2nd
Feature Race: Started in 2nd, DNF

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